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Tamaskan Dogs. Wolf in them or not?

Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2018 1:51 pm
by RobertStandley

The Tamaskan Dog is supposedly supposed to be a breed bred to look like a wolf,but that has no wolf in. The rumors around the breed in both the Tamaskan breeders, (who claim there is neither wolf hybrid nor even Czech Wolfdog content in their breed and their dogs are health tested), Czech Wolfdog owners, and Aatu Tamaskan breeders are overwhelming. TDR(Tamaskan Dog Breeders) also claim that the Aatu breeders lie about them and created their own breed because the Aatu breeders were kicked out for horrible kennel conditions, bad health of their dogs, and/or wanting to breed Czech wolfdogs or wolfdog "hybrids" to their purebred Tamaskans to give it a more wolfy look.Aatu Tamaskan breeders claim that they were kicked out for spreading the truth that the Tamaskan Dog already had not only Czech wolfdog in the breed but atleast one high content wolfdog "hybrid" in it and that the creator of the original Tamaskan had horrible health records of her dogs and falsified pedigrees of founding dogs as well as health records. To further add confusion, the Czech Wolfdog/Vlack community claims that Tamaskan breeders asked for use of their dogs as studs. Some of the members say that it was probably the Aatu Tamaskan breeders that asked for studs,while others maintain that they believe it was the breeders of the original Tamaskans that asked for stud. All of this is making my head spin. I don't who to believe. I need an outside source to ask. I know you guys might not know the history of all this mess,but I'm hoping you guys can help me identify whether my suspicions about a certain so-called black German Shepard mix named Taz actually being a mid-content wolfdog are true.


Re: Tamaskan Dogs. Wolf in them or not?

Posted: Thu Jul 26, 2018 4:06 pm
by Jadzia1313
The Sylvaen Tamaskan breeder's website has a very detailed history on the breed and on the wolf content. It might be a good read, and there are several posts (and FB pages) devoted to this topic.

In short, the Tamaskan Dog was originally meant to be a look alike breed, but some of the foundation dogs turned out to have content. The TDR no longer uses the "wolf without the wolf" slogan, but some puppymills still confuse the community by still using it on advertisements. There are lines with content in them, and there are lines with zero wolf content. I have no-content (Embark tested) Tamaskan Dog, and she has a planned mating to produce no-content pups as well. The Tamaskan Dog's goal is not to be another wolfdog breed (like the Czech Wolfdog). There are max limits on the allowed percentage of wolf content allowed to be added in by an outcross, and restrictions on the pairings of the offspring. The overall breed goal is meant to be closer to the 10%, with dogs higher in content and dogs with no content. Hopefully someone familiar with the specific dog you are asking about can chime in with more information on that topic.