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Tamaskan Dog Register Announcements

Posted: Mon Mar 14, 2016 2:55 pm
by ForumAdmin
Tamaskan Dog Register Announcement:

The Tamaskan Dog Register, Incorporated (TDR) is pleased to inform all TDR members and affiliated organizations that it has been reconstituted as a corporation under United States law.

A new governance structure has been put into place that enhances the separation of duties between the business operations of the TDR and the dog-breeding functions necessary for our survival as a separate and distinct breed. We believe that the new structure will enable more responsive operations as well as allowing more economical use of scarce resources.

Over the next weeks, a series of measures will transfer operations from the current base in Scotland to the US Corporation.

To make the transition we are currently accepting expressions of interest or nominations for anyone wanting to fill the role of Treasurer.

The Treasurer handles the day to day financial operations of the Corporation, including bank accounts, dealing with depositing accounts receivable and preparing payments in a timely fashion. U.S. Citizenship or legal residency required. Prior financial experience with small business accounting or accounting software a big plus

We will be announcing more positions coming open after the Treasurer is in place.

We hope to do that within a few weeks.

At present, all positions are volunteer-only and not paid positions. The "workload" may vary from a few hours a week to a few hours every month, depending upon the specific position.

We are excited by the changes and a new start for the TDR. As far as we have come since our "foundation organizers", we believe these changes will significantly enhance our ability to keep both our breed and our supporting organizations alive and vibrant, and we look forward to your participation.

TDR, Inc. (USA)

Re: Tamaskan Dog Register Announcements

Posted: Thu Sep 01, 2016 4:31 am
by ForumAdmin
Announcements from the TDR

1. We have appointed a Treasurer and begun the final legal and banking moves of the corporation in Scotland to the United States. Our thanks to Joann Zimmerman, who has graciously volunteered to take on this work. A deep gratitude is owed to Fiona Laidlaw who has labored away and kept our organization legally alive during the transition.

2. The Tamaskan Dog Register is accepting nominations for directors to help run the business side of the corporation. If you would like to volunteer or if you would like to nominate someone, please e-mail the TDR at Nominations must be received by 1 October 2016.

3. We have adopted an interim breed standard that will allow us to continue the quest for national and international recognition of our breed. The full text will be posted shortly. You should know that the Breed Standard as adopted is “Version 1, Release 1” and that the Committee of Breeders is chartered with revising and proposing changes. The Breed Standard adopted (with some very minor amendments) is the product of the 2013-2014 committee. The New Standard will remain in effect for not less than 2 years and not more than 5 years, so that we can revisit the Standard in light of experience as our breed’s population grows and matures. A key requirement for the Committee of Breeders will be the drafting of a unified Breeding Practices Standard, so that we can further distance ourselves from the puppy mill products.

4. The Committee of Breeders will continue the primary responsibility for Breeding, Standards, and Practices. The new corporate charter separates the business operations from the Breeding activities.

5. The current Keeper of the Register will continue in office for the next 24 months.

6. One important legal change: Official electronic communications with the TDR will now be conducted exclusively through e-mail using our corporate resources. Social media cannot offer sufficient security, auditability, or resiliency to meet the regulatory requirements of a modern corporation. That doesn’t mean our social sites won’t be important, but it does mean that official communications will be required to be e-mailed (the old-fashioned way).

Re: Tamaskan Dog Register Announcements

Posted: Wed Nov 16, 2016 5:14 am
by ForumAdmin
Fundraising Committee Formed
OK, we’re a small organization, but we have ongoing costs (the website, legal costs, taxes, and so on). Our principal source of regular income is litter registrations, but quite frankly, our fees barely cover our costs and the transfer from the UK to the US was funded largely out of donations. We can’t count on deep pockets forever, so the TDR Board has created a new committee for fund raising. We need 3 to 5 people to help work on some fund raising projects (ideas so far include embroidered/woven TDR patches for your favorite apparel, and social media campaigns [IndieGoGo/Go Fund Me, etc.] , and we’re open to all legitimate ideas). If you’re interested, please notify the TDR Secretary, Dottie Brown at
We expect to vote on nominations at the December board meeting.
Media Committee Formed
If you have a talent or interest in working with publicity and social media, we’re interested in you. Specifically, the TDR board has authorized the creation of a committee to deal with media relations. We’d like 3 to 5 people who could work to make sure our media presence is a positive one, and to help identify errors and fix errors in public perception. If you’re interested in helping, please notify the TDR Secretary, Dottie Brown, at
We expect to vote on nominations at the December board meeting.
Litter Registration Fee Raised
During the move of the TDR from Scotland to the US, we reviewed the assets and liabilities of the TDR. One of the less than happy discoveries is that we aren’t making quite enough to sustain the corporation with the current funding from litter registrations. We’re not happy about this, but given everything from currency conversions to higher than expected mailing costs, we’re forced to increase the price of a registration from its 8.00£ per dog to US$10.00 per dog. This level is still kind of marginal, but we are working on alternatives to ease the burden (see the announcement on the Fund Raising Committee, above)
The Committee of Breeders
The TDR Board has appointed the membership of the new Committee of Breeders to oversee the breeding practices, mating, and general veterinary health standards of the breed. Based on volunteers and nominations, the following people were appointed to the committee:
• Cheryl Mundy (Chairperson)
• John Bannow
• Teresa Cutler
• Katelyn Dehlin
• Kylie DeLonge
• Tracy Graziano
• Debby Ignjatov
The Committee of Breeders has some big tasks ahead of them, including on-going management of the breed genetics and the creation of new Breeding Practices document.
The Breeding Practices Standard is a document that will outline the minimum and recommended breeding practices (everything from medical testing requirements to marketing practices). This document has been required by the Board of Directors of the Tamaskan Dog Register, pursuant to its authority under Article 5, Section 2 of the Articles of Incorporation. These standards don’t prevent a breeder from going over and above to produce the best dog they can, but they do guarantee that anyone wanting a Tamaskan Dog from a TDR approved breeder can expect a consistent quality experience.
Correspondence regarding the Committee of Breeders can be directed to the Chairperson, Cheryl Mundy, at