Hi! I´m from Austria

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Tamthusiastic (Newbie)
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Hi! I´m from Austria

Post by Kyo89 » Fri Apr 17, 2015 11:56 am

Hello Everybody!

I'm in love with black wolves since I was a child. I love the mysterious look they have and their physical constitution. They're by far the most beautiful wild creatures!

I have been investigating which dog breed resembles better a pure black wolf and I found out that black Tamaskans are what I have been looking for and wanna addopt one as soon as possible.

The thing is that I was looking for a place to addopt or buy one here in Austria but I don't find any. I also tried to look in some pages but I don't know if I should trust them...

If anyone in this forum knows something, can please help me?


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Re: Hi! I´m from Austria

Post by HiTenshi16 » Fri Apr 17, 2015 4:33 pm

Hi, and welcome to the forum!
There are actually no black Tamaskans yet (though there are some backyard breeders claiming to sell black Tamaskans when they're only selling mixes). Any responsible breeder will not breed just for colour. These dogs are not just found anywhere since the breed is still new and growing.

You can find a list of reputable breeders at http://www.tamaskan-dog.org

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Re: Hi! I´m from Austria

Post by AlexandraS » Sat Apr 18, 2015 8:00 am

Hi and welcome - willkommen!

Hier in Österreich haben wir noch keine Züchter, es gibt aber schon einige Tamaskane in Österreich.
Ich würde mich an deiner Stelle zuerst über die Rasse selber informieren und das Aussehen hinten anstellen, denn von heute auf morgen wirst du keinen Welpen bekommen.
Woher aus Österreich bist du denn? Wenn du Fragen hast oder gern einmal einen Tamaskan persönlich kennenlernen willst, dann kannst du dich sehr gerne melden!
Wir haben auch eine Facebook - Seite: https://www.facebook.com/groups/244979085704924/

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Re: Hi! I´m from Austria

Post by firleymj » Sat Apr 18, 2015 3:47 pm

Welcome to our forum

May your experience with Tamaskans be as wonderful as mine has been!


[the human owned by Hawthorne James Watson, call name Kona, whose diaries appear on this site]

Willkommen in unserem Forum

Kann Ihre Erfahrungen mit Tamaskans sein so schön wie meins war!


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Re: Hi! I´m from Austria

Post by Sylvaen » Sat Apr 18, 2015 11:14 pm

Welcome to the forum! :D

We're probably the closest breeder to you (we're located in Zagreb, Croatia) and you're welcome to come visit us and meet our pack (if you want). Quite a few of our pups now live in Austria (in Vienna, Klagenfurt, and South Tyrol) so I could also put you in touch with some local owners, if you prefer. Also the Austrian Tamaskan Club FB group that Alexandra linked is a great resource. :)

As far as "black" Tamaskans, no reputable breeder will breed ONLY for color specifically - there are other traits that are also much more important, such as health and temperament above all else. In terms of appearance, body structure / conformation are also more significant than coat color. That being said, black coloring does pop up from time to time, especially when the breeder is aware of the genetics involved. It is actually relatively easy to predict, based on probability of genetic inheritance, depending on the recessive genes carried by the parents. ;)

There are some disreputable (non-registered) breeders in the UK, for instance, who breed predominantly for color (to the point they will even breed from dogs with failing hip scores, just because the dog is black)... somewhat ironically, they don't understand the genetics involved and, as such, they claim that black is a "rare" coat color for the breed.
HiTenshi16 wrote:There are actually no black Tamaskans yet (though there are some backyard breeders claiming to sell black Tamaskans when they're only selling mixes).
Actually, there are "Black Grey" Tamaskans. The first registered "Black Grey" litter was born in 2008, out of Tumanra and Rann. It is worth noting that, genetically, both Tumanra and Rann are "Black and Tan" (at/at) as are all their offspring. This means that the "Black Grey" coat color, currently accepted by the TDR in accordance with the set Breed Standard, is "Black and Tan" (at/at) - the color is not solid black, but instead has blended coloring mixed in (usually cream / tan). True solid black Tamaskans (either recessive black or dominant black) do not yet exist in pure Tamaskan bloodlines and won't... until recessive or dominant (solid) black outcrosses are added to the bloodlines. However, solid black, like solid white or cream (e/e), is currently not yet accepted as an official coat color for the breed, only "Black Grey" (at/at) is currently accepted as an official coat color for the breed.

It is also interesting that some "Agouti" (wolf / red grey) Tamaskan Dogs that carry "Black and Tan" can look very dark, almost black, but with a blended overlay (genetically they are Aw/at).
For instance, from our recent Ninja (Aw/Aw) X Zora (Aw/at) litter:

Caedmon the Service Dog is (Aw/at):
Caedmon (Sylvaen Kunai).jpg
As is his sister, Ziva:
Ziva (Sylvaen Katana).jpg
This was Ziva as a pup:
Ziva (Sylvaen Katana) as a puppy.jpg
Anyway, any of these dogs (Zora, Caedmon or Ziva) when bred to another "Agouti carrying Black & Tan" (Aw/at) dog or a "Black & Tan" (at/at) dog will produce some "Black Grey" (Black & Tan: at/at) offspring:
Aw/at + Aw/at = 25% Aw/Aw + 50% Aw/at + 25% at/at
Aw/at + at/at = 50% Aw/at + 50% at/at

For Zora's upcoming litter, she will be bred to an Agouti male that I am fairly confident (based on phenotype) is "Agouti carrying Black & Tan" (Aw/at). We are also starting to make plans for Ziva's first litter (spring 2016) and we have several promising potential outcrosses lined up (they are also black with yellow eyes) but we have to wait for health test results before we decide which of the males we will choose as a match for her. :)
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