Hello from Germany

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Tamthusiastic (Newbie)
Tamthusiastic (Newbie)
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Hello from Germany

Post by Bridget » Wed Dec 27, 2017 9:45 pm

Hi, I have been reading about Tamaskans since summer this year but have not had the opportunity to meet one yet. From what I read a Tamaskan seems to be exactly the right dog for my family. I would be thankful for any information from tamaskan owners.
Until a few weeks ago I had two Chesapeake Bay Retrievers. Since my older dog needed a lot of care in her last months I did not want to bring a pup into the family. My other Chessie is 10 years old and getting a bit slower so that longer hikes are not possible any more. She still travels with me (camper van) and loves to explore. Has anyone got experience bringing a Tamaskan puppy into a house with an older dog? Or would it be better for my Chessie and a potential puppy to wait?

Thank for any input, Bridget

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Re: Hello from Germany

Post by Sylvaen » Wed Jan 10, 2018 7:29 pm

Welcome to the forum, Bridget! :)

In my experience, it is fine to introduce a Tamaskan puppy into a household with an older dog. The puppy will learn a lot from the older dog simply by watching and imitating... I find that it is much easier to introduce a puppy into a family if there is already an older dog to guide the puppy, compared to getting a puppy without any other dogs in the house at all. Plus, the puppy will certainly appreciate having a canine companion. So, it really all depends on your Chessie and if she would tolerate having a young whippersnapper in the house. From the sound of things, I think you shouldn't have too much difficulty as it seems she is still fairly active and adventurous.
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