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books about how to evaluate your dog based on breed standard

Posted: Wed Nov 14, 2012 6:55 pm
by Hawthorne
I thought it would be helpful to start a list of books that others have read or recommend about the physical makeup of the dog. I have made it about halfway through my first book, and although it is very dry, it is a very good text on why dogs are put together certain ways (long legs vs. short legs and what needs to be compensated if you have long legs; muscle groups and what they do or don't do if they aren't formed properly; why certain physical characteristics should and are considered faults--it's not just because they "don't look nice" but because there's a detriment to the dog in movement because of the fault). Anyhow, here's the first title:

The Dog In Action: A Study of Anatomy and Locomotion As Applying to All Breeds by McDowell Lyon (c) 2002

A book about development:
Another Piece of the Puzzle: Puppy Development by Pat Hastings

This DVD was recommended to me by Cheryl, but I have yet to purchase it:

The Puppy Puzzle DVD

And books recommended by our 2012 Breed Show judge:

The ABCs of Dog Breeding and Practical Canine Anatomy both by Claudia Waller Orlandi