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The "truth" about corn

Posted: Mon Aug 22, 2011 9:29 pm
by Katlin
So I found an interesting article that hills pet food has set out for all the people who don't believe in corn.
Corn - An amazing grain

For centuries, people and their animals have relied on corn as a superb source of these nutrients:

Highly digestible carbohydrates for energy
Essential fatty acids for healthy skin and coat
Beta-carotene, vitamin E and lutein — nature's antioxidants
Quality proteins for muscle and tissue growth

Corn has been called a filler, a "hot grain" and a major cause of allergies. The facts are, corn is NOT a filler (an ingredient providing no nutrition) as it supplies many essential nutrients. In pets, corn is NOT a hot grain (causing gastrointestinal upset) because it is safely and easily digested.

In addition, a review of published literature indicates corn was implicated in fewer allergy cases than other common protein sources such as beef, dairy products, wheat, chicken, egg, lamb or soy.1
Key points

Corn is a natural and wholesome ingredient that supplies essential fatty acids, protein, carbohydrates and natural antioxidants
Corn is not a common cause of allergic reactions in pets

Balancing act

No single ingredient provides the best protein balance for your pet. That's why Hill's selects a combination of ingredients. The protein building blocks in corn are essential for pets and complement those in other ingredients to give dogs and cats balanced protein nutrition.

Golden goodness

According to recent studies in various species, antioxidants in foods such as corn may potentially reduce the risk of some forms of cancer, heart disease, arthritis, strokes, atherosclerosis, cataracts, and slow the aging process.2 Betacarotene, vitamin E and lutein are antioxidants in corn that help protect key cell components from damage.3 Also, cooked ground corn is highly digestible so pets can easily absorb corn's important nutrients.4,5,6

A natural winner

Corn is a rich source of fatty acids, especially linoleic and linolenic for healthy skin and coat. These essential fatty acids serve important roles in the immune system and central nervous system as well.3 The carbohydrates supplied by corn are an important source of energy for your pet.

As good as gold

Corn is a well-rounded nutritional package and an ideal choice as a pet food ingredient. No other ingredient is as versatile as this golden grain. That's why you'll find corn in most Hill's® Science Diet® brand pet foods along with other healthy ingredients to give your pet precisely balanced nutrition.
Now personally I think that corn could be good if it was processed properly but I've found kernel skins and even a half of a kernel back when I had Snoopy on T/D. What does everyone else think about corn? It's funny though because if you look at pretty much ANY of the hills or science diet foods you'll see that the first, if not second ingredient is corn. So is this article just to rationalize their extensive use of corn? Humm...I doubt I'd ever put my cats or dog back on Hills.
it is safely and easily digested.
But we don't digest it properly, and when Lily got a hold of my plate and ate about 2 cups of corn ( :roll: ) it all came out the way it went in (sorry for the vulgarity). Maybe it was just her or the breed that can't digest it??

Re: The "truth" about corn

Posted: Mon Aug 22, 2011 9:40 pm
by AZDehlin
I believe corn is just a filler, and shouldn't be eaten by dogs or cows... and less by people (it's in everything.)

If you haven't already seen it I recommend the movie King Corn.

Re: The "truth" about corn

Posted: Mon Aug 22, 2011 9:48 pm
by Katlin
Ah no, never seen it, I'll look it up :)

Re: The "truth" about corn

Posted: Tue Aug 23, 2011 1:00 am
by AngieH
Here is a link discussing corn in dog food it seems fair and balanced with evidence provided for claims made. ... food-corn/

Hope it's useful.


Re: The "truth" about corn

Posted: Tue Aug 23, 2011 10:17 am
by Blustag
I love corn myself but when my dogs have had it it just passes through same way it went in so obviously not digested. I dont give it to them at all.

Re: The "truth" about corn

Posted: Thu Dec 01, 2011 6:51 am
by Tiantai
Hello Katlin,

That's a VERY INTERESTING article you found there! Personally I think that one needs to remember that dogs are still carnivores, although we tend to feed them the things that are mixed between processed meat and vegetables. But like us, I doubt canines can digest corn. Corn has a very strong impenetrable cell wall that the digestive system of most humans and mammals cannot penetrate even when cooked or blended while compared to green leafy vegetables that do digest very well if steamed, cooked, or processed in other ways (their cell walls are weaker). It's better to feed dogs something that's got more meat-content. Pretty much the only animals that can truly digest those things that you guys all said still looked exactly the same after consumption (and I believe you) are herbivores like the waterfowls such as my Canada geese. I hope that helps a little and I personally don't recommend feeding corns to dogs. It's still a nice article and just shows that everything one reads is worth questioning ;)

Re: The "truth" about corn

Posted: Thu Dec 01, 2011 6:54 am
by Tiantai
Side note:
I'm allergic to corn :cry: but I doubt most dogs are. They just can't break it down.

Re: The "truth" about corn

Posted: Mon Feb 15, 2021 11:02 am
by Shairamatt
AngieH wrote:
Tue Aug 23, 2011 1:00 am
Here is a link discussing corn in dog food it seems fair and balanced with evidence provided for claims made.

Hope it's useful.

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