AVGN Gives Advice on Movie Shooting

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AVGN Gives Advice on Movie Shooting

Post by Tiantai » Mon Sep 10, 2012 3:48 pm

James Duncan Rolfe, a famous actor and satirist who has been known worldwide for his Angry Video Game Nerd web video comedies gives advice to those interested in making a movie on some of the top 5 issues that he, having recently completed much of his movie for the first time, the what and what nots to expect. This video was made back in the spring.


I love the part where he warns about the idea of filming in California. Having just filmed there himself, he mentions how much money it will cost and the way the people in California demand a hell lot.

Having met the Nerd in person during his very first visit in Canada, I find him to be a very nice person despite his character's nasty attitude and foul mouth but that's just the way professional actors are. ;)
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