In Memories of a Friend (Gabriele Betz)

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In Memories of a Friend (Gabriele Betz)

Post by Tiantai » Mon Sep 02, 2013 6:15 am

In Memories of a Friend
by Lucas Fong

There comes a time when things can happen
And here I am left overwhelmed so sudden

On a public forum where you and I first met
Chatting together,
as we came to learn
Our sharing a passion in raising pets
To this day my goal,
for that still yearns

From Europe came Loki an agile pup
Brought with him,
the spirit that made you jolly up
You trained him well and watched him grow
With his company,
you could never turn old

At the call of the knell
Where we say our farewell
With the tears of love ones and mine that flow
And soak the paper of this poem
The memories of you will never abscond
For Loki and you form an unbreakable bond

Every walk you had and the people you met
Every lap you ran and the times you sweat
Brought strength and happiness for Loki
Who became a member of the family

As we stand together in this online unity
Acknowledging your legacy in the Tamaskan community
Although you have now long departed
You have left us all with a permanent mark

Beyond my reach lies a shining tree
Bearing the souls of the countless decease
Glancing above from the world you once reside
Our prayers to you reaching from worldwide

As the air of Nirvana relieves your earthly suffer
And your spiritual presence to our sorrows' buffer
Your compassionate soul that has filled us with love
Will be missed until the day we all meet above


-Dedicated to Gabriele Betz of Asgard Tamaskan

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