Online Show Results - August 2010

Online Shows & Events (official ITR Tamaskan Show, etc).
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Online Show Results - August 2010

Post by blufawn » Tue Aug 17, 2010 11:50 am

Sorry its taken me a while to get this sorted, damn computer virus has messed up all my files.

Congratulations to the winners of the August Show, judged by Rahne Meeder.

Minor Puppy:- Blufawn Chives
Puppy: - Blustag Chaska
Junior: - Pocahontas vom Muensterland
Special Yearling: - Blustag Goldeneye
Graduate: - Ohanzee of Torriarno
Post Graduate: - J&J Moonstruck Tundra at Tarheel
Mid Limit: - Kenai at Blustag
Limit: - Tumanra at Blustag
Open: - Jodie at Blustag

Best Puppy: - Blufawn Chives
Best in Show: - Tumanra at Blustag

The September show will be judged by Pat (Torriarno) good luck everyone. To everyone who has not entered, email your pictures to and remember its totally free to enter.
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