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Hi From Delaware – US

Posted: Fri Aug 30, 2013 5:47 pm
by JWalthall
Hi, My name is Julie and I just joined.
Right now I’m just beginning my journey to owning a Tamaskan. So I registered to begin digging and doing some research.
I’ve never in my life gotten a breeder dog. We’ve always rescued or adopted.
13 years ago my boyfriend at the time said he’d found wolf hybrid puppies. I was skeptical but we went to go see the litter anyway. What I did find was a healthy litter of shepherd mutts who needed good homes. I picked up a male and a female – they were giving them away for free and were headed to the pound if not adopted. They were my constant companions and we taught each other a TON. We did have some medical issues. The male, Aleister, went blind at 2 years old (we got most of his eyesight back by catching it early), tore his ACL in his rear leg at 10 (which we repaired), and developed diabetes at 12 (which we maintained). After all that it was a tumor which finally took him from me about a month ago. I miss his climbing antics, his insistence that 85lbs was an acceptable weight for a dog shoulder wrap, and his snoring. The female, Malkuth, stayed healthy and energetic and besides some benign tumors is still mothering my pack. She is also everyone of my friend’s favorite because of her sweet and loving disposition. She started out fairly shy and bonded to mostly me, but as she’s aged she’s become a very people oriented dog.

About 5 years ago my current fiancée expressed an interest in adopting a greyhound. I’d never even seen one. For awhile I ignored him. I had 2 dogs. Why did I need another? But I had settled nicely into my house with a fenced in back yard and we had the means to support a third so I began digging. Raelen was a fairly successful retired racer, looking for a good home. We went through a reputable adoption group and Aleister and Malkuth picked her. Once again I learned a ton from her about greyhounds. She has had all but 3 teeth removed due to CUPS, she’s basically allergic to plaque on her teeth and had horrible open sores in her mouth when we got her. Had to switch vets as one nearly killed her with the wrong anesthesia, and she’s had her front right wrist fused after breaking bones in her wrist and tearing all the tendons. Through all that she’s been super loving, decided that she’s my shadow, and I’ve gotten really good at in home minor repairs. So we ended up picking up another greyhound. Corbyn was a HUGE male. He never raced but was a blood donor in a Texas kennel for many years. Our adoption group got him out before they put him down and after being bounced from home to home he came to us. He was a bit shell shocked and we were able to work through his sleep aggression and marking issues. And after about 6 months he finally lost his shell shocked looked and only the physical scars remained – cropped tail, torn ears, skin tear scars. He was a leaner and after a better diet had rabbit soft fur. He could also contort himself into the strangest positions! Ultimately he was just a giant goof. He stayed healthy right up until 3 months ago when he contracted Evan’s syndrome at the age of 10. It’s a blood disease and his red blood cell count was far too low. He began losing weight and even though we fought it he passed just a week ago. So the house is down to the girls. I adore them both. But I know that Malkuth at 13 isn’t going to last many more years and I’m going to miss that thick ruff as a handhold / tear catcher, the adventurous spirit, and the smile she brings. Thus my research into Tamaskans.

My biggest question is do you think they’d get along with Greyhounds? I know they get along with other breeds but greyhounds can be fairly delicate, have thin skin, and can smell weird. Raelen is currently 9 and I hope to have her for many more years. After my work with the greyhound adoption groups I figure we’ll always have one in our pack. They got along beautifully with our shepherd mutts.
Malkuth and Corbyn particularly had a special bond. He loved to run in our yard. Malkuth would often hide behind the shed or a tree or the house and lay in ambush for him. He’d be at full sprint stride and she’d jump out and barrel into him and then they’d race off together. She’d never hurt him, and her ambushes delighted him.
Raelen is a bit more like Aleister - Sleeping is a full time occupation punctuated by brief bouts of play and meal breaks.

With my pack halved in such a short time period I’m taking this slowly. I don’t mind waiting for the right dog. Not the dog right now.
Wow! This was much longer than I had initially intended.
So Hi!

Re: Hi From Delaware – US

Posted: Fri Aug 30, 2013 6:08 pm
by Saxon
wow, you are a dog angel. you deserve a Tamaskan. a big welcome to the forum

Re: Hi From Delaware – US

Posted: Fri Aug 30, 2013 6:15 pm
by JWalthall
Saxon wrote:wow, you are a dog angel. you deserve a Tamaskan. a big welcome to the forum
Ha! I firmly believe they "saved" me. Not the other way around.
Thanks for the welcome!

And I wouldn't ask the critters in the back yard about our angel status... My whole pack have been fairly high prey dogs. They've caught rabbits, Malkuth once got a ground hog before we could stop her, and Raelen caught a bird on the wing. Luckily any wild cats are pretty wiley and realize what the bell on my backdoor means... We installed it after Corbyn's first caught rabbit. It was an interesting time getting him to leave it. Hence the bell which Malkuth also trained me to answer to when she wanted outside.

Re: Hi From Delaware – US

Posted: Fri Aug 30, 2013 6:20 pm
by HiTenshi16
Hello Julie, welcome to the forum! I don't see any reason why a Tamaskan would not fit in with your pack. I would only caution when getting a puppy to make sure they learn to play gently with the Greyhounds since you mentioned the Greyhounds having thin skin (puppy teeth hurt!). We don't come across Greyhounds often at the parks, mostly they ignore us, but one enjoyed playing with our pack, got along great!

Re: Hi From Delaware – US

Posted: Fri Aug 30, 2013 6:33 pm
by Sylvaen
Welcome to the forum! :D

Re: Hi From Delaware – US

Posted: Fri Aug 30, 2013 7:14 pm
by Eventide
Oh my, you've had enough sadness and I know what it feels like to lose your best friend. I came across this breed by a friend of mine who also shared my love of the gray wolf, but didn't want to even consider trying to domestic a hybrid of any level.

Max is my only Tam, so unlike so many others here, I am not nearly as experienced to talk for the breed, but I can tell you my experience with my boy so far. He's now 20 months and I brought him home at nine weeks.

Max is, by far, the friendliest, sweetest, most laid-back pet that has ever owned me ;) . At 13 months he became a therapy dog in Frederick County, MD, and is so gentle with all the fragile, pet-loving seniors in these facilities (assisted-living, dementia care, etc) and they just love that he's tall enough to lay his head on their bed or their laps. He also loves small children and small dogs and is very gentle with them also.

As Jo said, they do play rough as does Max. However, it didn't take him long to figure out who would tolerate it and who wouldn't (he got his share of snaps and growls when he was a pup). Now, he just knows that most older dogs, especially if they're not Tamaskan, won't play with him at all.

I have two cats and Max knows his place with them. They are the "alpha's." :roll: and he "appears" to respect that -- most of the time (will chase them if he wants to play).

So, welcome and hope you are as blessed as I was at being adopted by one of these wonderful beasts :lol: . Also, if you're not too far from Frederick, MD, you're welcome anytime to come by and visit if you'd like to meet a Tamaskan.

Re: Hi From Delaware – US

Posted: Fri Aug 30, 2013 10:55 pm
by TerriHolt
A belated Hi and welcome :D i don't see why a tam wouldn't fit in... Older dogs usually put pups in their place and let them know when some things wrong if play gets too rough. I believe Hawthornes pups have been pretty placid in general...

Re: Hi From Delaware – US

Posted: Mon Sep 02, 2013 3:29 pm
by JWalthall
Thanks for the welcome!

Re: Hi From Delaware – US

Posted: Mon Sep 02, 2013 4:43 pm
by firleymj
Welcome, Julie

Like Dottie, my life is blessed by a single Tamaskan, Hawthorne James Watson [call name: "Kona"] and her Max's
half brother. He's five months old and quite imposing - many folks mistake him for full grown :o

From some dog park experience, I know Kona gets along with other dogs easily, and while he's not above a little "nagging" to get other dogs to play, he does respect their limits, but will play enthusiastically with a dog that accepts the invitation.
Our resident Whippet will lose him in the dust on the straightaway, but Kona has a "trick turn" that he's learning to exploit to catch her coming out of the corners. The same applies to some Huskies of our acquaintance. He will happily play with a dog small as a Yorkie, but tends to treat them as fragile puppies, rather than adults :lol:

It's been a long while since my last dog parted this life, and after two years of research and waiting, I am BLESSED with a Tamaskan in my life. Even my G/F says I'm getting soft-hearted (and she loves dogs), but he is just a joy!

My 2 cents in value, at least.


Re: Hi From Delaware – US

Posted: Tue Sep 03, 2013 7:05 pm
by JWalthall
Thanks for the input Mark! I'll be sure to continue my research then. Sounds like he has no issues with interacting with the Whippet which is good.
So far it's been fun poking around the forum.