On the search for a puppy

All topics pertaining to mating and whelping, as well as upcoming / planned litters.
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On the search for a puppy

Post by mamawolfmandy »

hey there, I am new here.

I have been searching for a Tamaskan puppy for the last several months. None of the breeders I have contacted have any breeding plans until 2024+ and many of them have full waitlists.

Are there anywhere that has plans to breed?

Thanks so much,


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Re: On the search for a puppy

Post by Sylvaen »

Hi Mandy,

At this time, I don't have any puppies currently available as we only have a couple of litters per year, usually spread out in the summer and winter months.
However, we are building our waiting list for our upcoming litter(s) and we are currently accepting deposits to join the waiting list (we already have some deposits for litters in 2024 and 2025.)

However, if you're ready for a puppy now, at this time we still have a couple of spots available for our upcoming summer 2023 litters.
Spaces are quite limited, as there are already a lot of spots that have been filled (mostly for male puppies).
However, if you are interested in a female puppy then you are in luck (or hopefully we might end up with a lot of male puppies). :)

We are located near Zagreb, Croatia:

We can ship puppies all over the world:

Please feel free to submit an application form:
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Re: On the search for a puppy

Post by fhughes »

Hello there, I am new here as well and just wanted to say how amazing this breed is! We have a 2 year old Tamaskan named Taya who we love dearly. She's the best dog we could ever ask for.
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